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Laboratory testing

Only with the help of quality laboratory testing it is possible to ensure accurate diagnosis and select the right therapeutic approach. Lab tests allow to obtain necessary information to assess patient`s general condition, as well as organs and systems functioning, detect body malfunctioning.

Owing to such testing, a doctor can:

  • obtain valuable information about patient`s condition,
  • detect misfunctioning caused by disease,
  • assess the efficiency of therapy and necessity to alter disease management course.

No medicine sphere can do without clinical laboratory diagnostics nowadays, reproductive medicine is not an exception. The most popular investigations are:

  • genetic testing
  • biochemical diagnostics
  • bacteriological tests
  • cytological investigations
  • immunological screening
  • histological investigations

With the help of these investigations, it is possible to detect malfunctioning of endocrine system organs, genetic anomalies and other conditions, which can cause infertility. These tests are also prescribed to pregnant women to control fetus.

In order to achieve high accuracy of the test results, special technologies of biomaterial harvesting are used, series of sequential analyzes are conducted, innovative methods and modern equipment are used. Only a combination of experience with sound knowledge enables physicians and laboratory assistants to quickly and accurately present the results of the tests carried out.

In the center IVF-laboratory you can be thoroughly examined, as we have assembled a team of highly skilled specialists from all over the country. And thanks to the modern equipment of the laboratory and the use of innovative technologies, we guarantee the reliability of the result.

In order to properly get ready for the test, specify the peculiarities of preparation for various tests. You can and receive all the necessary information on the hotline number.

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