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Gynecological surgery, laparoscopy and hysteroscopy

Modern endoscopic methods offer the opportunity to conduct various gynecological operations ensuring sparing invasion to organism (laparoscopy, hysteroscopy, radiation treatment). Usually the recovery process goes easy and quickly after such surgeries and a woman stays at hospital only one day, afterwards the recovery can be in a usual home atmosphere. Kinds of operative treatment offered by IVF Laboratory:

  • Radiation treatment;
  • Hysteroscopy;
  • Laparoscopy .

Radiation treatment

It is one of the most recent cervix treatment allowing to operate with minimum traumatism. Radiation treatment helps to cure cervical erosion, ectopy, cicatricial deformity, leucoplakia, 1st and 2nd stage of cervix tissue dysplasia, condylomas, cysts, polyps etc..


This is a testing and treatment method which helps to examine uterine cavity using endoscopic instruments. Hysteroscopy allows to confirm or disprove endometriosis, anomalies of endometrium when there are submucosal lumps, suspected anomalies of uterus development, bleeding during menopause, infertility. It is possible to detect and eliminate a problem with the help of this endoscopic method.


Is used for examination of abdominal cavity organs. It is conducted with endoscope and gives opportunity not only diagnose a problem, but also provide operative treatment. Just like the previous method, laparoscopy is both diagnostic and operative. With the help of diagnostic one the state of inner organs is visually assessed and with the help of operative one manipulations are conducted in a less traumatic way.

Using endoscopic methods (laparoscopy, hysteroscopy, radiation treatment) we can treat such pathologies and diseases as:

  • internal genital organs pathologies (extrauterine gestation, hydrosalpinx, polycystic ovarian syndrome, cysts and tumors of ovaries, benign ovaries tumor);
  • uterus anomalies (adenomyosis, fibroid, endometrial polyp, intrauterine synechia);
  • cervical anomalies (erosions, ectopias, cicatricial deformity, dysplasia, vulvar or perineum condyloma, vaginal cyst, cervix polyps);
  • endometriosis, tubal or peritoneal infertility;
  • internals abnormal development.

Professional care in safe conditions

Medical Centre IVF Laboratory has all the necessary conditions for executing an operation. Thus, experienced doctors, modern equipment and best conditions in the operating theatre. Each operation is held by a specialist in endoscopic gynecology who has vast experience in hysteroscopy and laparoscopy execution of different complexity. Operating room is equipped with quality hysteroscopy and laparoscopy an laparoscopy instruments, ultrasound unit and special ventilation systems.

Smooth and speedy recovery

Medical staff of IVF Laboratory will provide conditions for you comfort stay in the day care unit for you to feel proper attention and support. In case of micro invasive operation, you will stay in the clinic during several hours up to one day. Further recovery is possible to be take place at home.

If you need doctor`s advice, book an appointment with our specialists who will do their best to solve your problem. You are welcome to call or write an email to us.

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