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Cervix Health

2 710 UAH

Discount: 542 UAH

Package cost: 2 168 UAH


Nowadays almost each woman faced a problem or a disease of cervix. Indeed, this pathology makes 36-80% of all the visits to the gynecologist. Cervix diseases are insidious as they can be completely symptomless at an early stage, though leading to negative consequences for reproductive health. Taking it all into account, timely diagnostics and treatment of not only inflammation but also precancer states are extremely important. The package Cervix Health includes all the specter of clinic and instrumental investigations necessary for cervix state assessment and detection of agents provoking the disease outbreak.

Primary inspection of obstetrician-gynaecologist or fertility specialist 450 UAH
Vaginal smear 290 UAH
Cervix smear test 450 UAH
Бактеріоскопія виділень з антибіотикограмою 270 UAH
Human Papilloma Virus test 500 UAH
Colposcopy 450 UAH
Repeated inspection of gynaecologist 300 UAH