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Taking care of children is intrinsic for women on the subconscious, instinctive level. That is why lots of women, being not sure about the possibility of providing appropriate living conditions for their children at a current stage of life, decide upon “postponed motherhood”. These are social reasons. The most wide-spread ones are:

  • Self-realization need;
  • Absence of a reliable partner;
  • Unstable financial state;
  • Unhealthy work conditions.

The programme “postponed motherhood” plays even more important role for patients in case of fertility problems requiring complex treatment. A serious issue for reproductive health of a woman can become cancer. In this case a consultation of fertility doctor is much needed before starting the treatment to evaluate the possibility of future implications. Having finished her treatment, a woman can get back to pregnancy planning being sure about best health and quality of her oocytes.

It happens quite often that young aim-oriented women lack time for taking care of themselves properly. This programme is created exactly for busy women worried about their state of health, progress of a current disease and willing to prevent diagnosing of complications.

Only for a couple of hours you obtain sufficient information about basic systems of your body, as well as a qualified medical report including evaluation of risk factors able to induce the development of pathology.

Moreover, this program can be useful for women without any problems but with responsible conduct to preventive measures.

Every woman dreams about sometime becoming a mother of a healthy child. But the quality of oocytes is constantly deteriorating, while the percentage of embryo pathologies is rising drastically..

Besides, the reserve of capable for fertilization ovum in woman`s body becomes exhausted with the age. The older the woman is, the more difficult it is for her to conceive. That is why it is important that modern young women take care about preservation of genetically healthy biological material in order to increase chances for successful conceiving.

If you wish to have a healthy family in the future, the package Have your reproductive potential assessed is just for you.

Nowadays almost each woman faced a problem or a disease of cervix. Indeed, this pathology makes 36-80% of all the visits to the gynecologist. Cervix diseases are insidious as they can be completely symptomless at an early stage, though leading to negative consequences for reproductive health. Taking it all into account, timely diagnostics and treatment of not only inflammation but also precancer states are extremely important. The package Cervix Health includes all the specter of clinic and instrumental investigations necessary for cervix state assessment and detection of agents provoking the disease outbreak.

Naturally, all of us wish to live the life and avoid serious illnesses requiring long-lasting treatment or surgery. These fears have reasonable ground, as oncology is the second reason of death after cardiovascular diseases. Thus, in order to make your life longer and live with without cancer it is important to know which factors affect tumor development, to avoid them and actively discard them from your life.

Cancer preventive measures is a complex of activities aiming at timely detection and diagnostics of the pathology. It helps women to reduce the risk of tumor appearance as well as to diagnose it at an early stage when the right approach can totally cure it and avoid the recurrence.

Pregnancy planning is an evidence of responsibility and readiness for becoming parents, as it is the most precious moment for every family as well as a childbirth which is one of the most significant events. So, it is important to regard it with all the seriousness. It is a mistake to consider the preparation for pregnancy to be woman`s job, as father`s health condition plays a great role.

Naturally, emotional and psychological mood is important but physical state plays not the minor role, as the development and health of a future child depends on health condition of intended parents. Some problems can be found at the stage of preparation already. So, we invite you our medical center to have a complex investigation and become happy parents of a healthy baby.